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Is correct, concise, convincing communication important to your group's success? Are you required to make presentations to audiences on a frequent basis? Are there communication issues in your organization that must be resolved? Has missed communication affected your company in the bottom line?

Many factors determine if you have effective presentations for your audience. Gestures, voice, body language, and visuals can add or subtract from the quality and power of the content. When you perfect these components of your speaking and presentations, positive results will follow.

In these challenging times, it is obviously important to reduce the undesired communications gap. All persons, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and others must work to improve their skills. Communication expert Marvin will help your staff put PIZZAZZ in their presentations. You will be able to close the gap and consequently affect the bottom line.

Grief: The Lonely Road by Marvin Petsel

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GRIEF: The Lonely Road

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